Our rates put us paws and whiskers above the rest!

Many sitters in the Atlanta area charge a consultation fee and base their rates per pet. Add in travel charges, key pickup/drop-off, surcharges for holidays or last-minute bookings, and a home with just a pet or two can quickly add up.

Why pay for all that?

At PawPrints Pet Sitters, you won’t. Here’s what you will get:

  • A professional sitter who is trained in Pet First Aid/CPR and understands the importance of “quality time” with your pets
  • No consultation fee
  • No charge for key pick up/drop off
  • One flat rate, no matter how many pets
  • Same rate for holidays
  • No upcharge for late “bedtime” visits
  • No cancellation fees
  • No additional charges for last-minute bookings


When you choose PawPrints Pet Sitters, you can be certain you will receive the very best care for your very best friend at the very best rate in town!


  • Feeding and refreshing water
  • Scooping or changing litter boxes/cages
  • Walking or other exercise, plus playtime!
  • Rotating lights/blinds and watering plants
  • Mail/newspaper pickup
  • Taking out or bringing in trash cans/recycle bins


  • Due to limited availability, please book early!
  • Includes all of the in-home visit options
  • Visits run 12 hours and typically start at 6pm or 7pm to cover dinner, and end at 6am or 7am to cover breakfast



Pricing based on type and complexity
  • Oral – No Charge


  • Injections/Transdermals – $3


  • Subcutaneous Fluids – $5

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Holly is wonderful! Beyond basic care, I highly recommend her if you have pets who need medication. She is extremely knowledgeable about giving meds, even IV fluids, and takes care to understand the unique needs of each pet. One of my cats needed three different medications every day and Holly never once had a problem giving it to her. Holly is also very understanding of the particular details of a pet’s routine. My cats ate different types of food and in different locations throughout the house due to age and other issues so I was always very concerned about making sure they were each getting what they individually needed. But even with everything being so complicated, Holly takes the time to learn the routine and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. Put simply, Holly is wonderful and I highly recommend her for your pet sitting needs!